Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Well, Robert Harrop have done it again. Just when you thought they couldn't make anything more desirable than their Mr Benn Musical Box, or that Ivor the Engine edition, they've now gone and launched an oompah-tastic, per-ab-a-dashtic, Musical Bandstand straight out of Trumtpton. Fab, isn't it? - The piece stands around 35cm high, and it's limited to just 1000 editions, and the design team have really gone to town with all that detail on the roof moldings. It's big and beautiful. Wind it up, and out twinkles that familiar end theme from the show. Oh, and if you think it looks a bit bare, that's because it's designed to hold a whole bunch of the Trumpton Fire Brigade band members, which have already been released separately. See: The Bandstand doesn't come cheap. It retails for around £100. And if you're starting out sans figures, well, you'll need a deep wallet. But what a Christmas present for Trumpton fans! That Bandstand takes centrestage is a whole line-up of desirable releases from the Harrop stable this Autumn/Winter. It's almost matched by this marvellous Magic Roundabout Music Box: This is another limited edition, restricted to just 500 pieces. And when it's wound up, it spins and plays that magic theme. It's fantastic, but let down just a tad by the lack of any figures. One can see the practicality in that, and you can buy Florence and others individually, of course, but greedy old me still hankers for a roundabout with Paul, Basil and Rosalie perched on the horses... The new Harrop range is available everywhere, right now, and The Hound is all-too-happy to steer you towards the folks at Boojog Collectables, who operate a very smart, fuss-free store.